Teachers Have Such Power

Submitted By Kim Fisher

I remember a great lesson. We were in history class. Our class windows had a view of a school hall where students walking the hall could be seen.

One of our class started laughing out loud. When our History teacher asked what was so funny, my friend pointed to a student, a physically challenged student who wobbled and walked funny as her misshapen legs struggled to stay in a straight line, ” I was laughing at how she is walking” ( at least she was honest).When I looked I laughed too… I cannot blame her alone for being a shallow teenager.

Our class was the higher level class,,,, the best and the brightest…

and this great teacher responded with a shake of his head “You guys were given brains and great healthy bodies… you were given these without any work or request…” He continued…. ” you who were given so much – should be ashamed of making fun of one who was not gifted with what were freely given… ”

I made a point of meeting that challenged girl later. I found her to be the sweetest most wonderful girl I ever met. She could not walk well, but she loved to play basketball. From then on I always asked for her to be on my team in gym. And the smiles she had as I blocked so she could take a shot warmed my soul.

All because one girl laughed at another and a teacher we respected called us out on our stupidity.

Of all the facts I learned in that American History class,, that lesson was the most important. Thanks Mr Nemec.

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