I recently read a blogpost entitled, 26, UNMARRIED, AND CHILDLESS, by Amanda Bast(@AmandaMBast). I reached out to her via Twitter, and asked her for permission to write about her post on this website. (She gracefully agreed).

In her post, Amanda describes her feelings when she is questioned about her plans to get married and start a family:

So when you — friends, family, acquaintances, Twitter followers and blog readers — remind me that I’m far behind where one would expect to be at my age, it makes me feel broken. I feel like I’ve done something wrong. I feel like I’m letting you down or making some horrible mistake.

Ms. Bast continues: “Instead of relishing in the freedom, blessings and limitless possibilities that this stage of life offers me, I am left frozen, feeling like I’m not enough. Like what I’ve done doesn’t really matter or that I’ve accomplished nothing. I’m an outcast. I’m defective. I’m panicked. When you comment on my life stage as if there was something I could do to change it, it makes me feel inadequate. Most days I truly do love where I’m at right now, but when people question my marital status, I think I’m messing up my chances to do anything worthwhile with my life”.

It is impossible to continuously live up to the expectations of others. I applaud Ms. Bast for having the courage to share her feelings about this very sensitive issue. Thank you for so beautifully expressing what many feel on a daily basis.

Peer pressure occurs throughout our life – whether we are a child, teen, young adult, adult, or senior citizen. Our journey is an individual journey that we share with those we love. The goal is to follow our journey without allowing us to get sidetracked by the expectations of others.


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