I Am Goddess


Re-Posted with permission from the author, Rosangel Perez. (Original Post)


I am goddess

I am
I know this now

for many years I doubted myself
I spoke naively
I slouched my shoulders
and bowed to authority

I listened with obedience
and followed all the rules

but I wasn’t happy
I didn’t feel like me

I didn’t feel love pulsing through me

I felt fake
I felt mechanical
I felt like I was dying inside

because everywhere I looked
someone wanted something else for me
someone wanted me to speak a certain way,
look a certain way, dress a certain way, be a certain way…
and this felt like prison to me

and then one day

and then one day

and then one day

I am a goddess and I deserve to feel good!
I am a goddess and I deserve to feel good!
I am a goddess and I deserve to feel good!

And so I started proclaiming
what god has always said I am

I am that, I am
I am I am I am

I am the daughter of a king and queen
I am my own authority

I am my own sovereign being
I am the guardian of my temple
I am my own thoughts
I am my own journey

I deserve to be happy
I deserve to create what is best for me

And so I gave myself permission…

I walked away from familiar comforts
and left most material possessions behind

I journeyed thru the desert
and got lost in my personal hell
or what’s also referred to as…
“the dark night of the soul”

I started to face myself
And slowly found the courage to really see…
the woman I had become which was a mistress of many masks

and I didn’t want to be that anymore

So I envisioned…

the woman I wanted to be

and since then I have been releasing
and facing my darkest darkness
and realizing that this unpretty journey
is an invitation to divine connection

it is the journey of awakening
it is the journey of remembering
what I was
and what I have always been

a goddess

I am that, I am…

I am my own supply and demand
I am the creator of me

I am the creator of what I see
I am the creator of what I get
I am the creator of how I live

I am the creator of what I desire

I attract it with my thoughts
I create it with my words

I am that, I am
I am that, I am
I am that, I am

I am I am I am

I am beauty




From Rosangel:

I am a woman who is waking up, asking questions, seeking truths, and connecting with the instinctual wild all knowing woman that lives within me. La Shamanessa de Movimiento… Rosangel is a Goddess, Visionary, Spiritual Diplomat & Shamanic Belly Dance Mystic who shares the natural healing medicine of laughter, dancing, gratitude, expression, and chanting thru Laughter Yoga, Shamanic Movement/Expression Classes, her radio show “Cafecito Break, & on The Gratitude Movement. She is a Former MTV Networks Television Producer credited with working on shows such as MTV Cribs, MTV Latin America Awards, BET Spring Break, VH1 Divas, Vogue Fashion Awards, Latin Grammy’s & more.

Learn more about Rosangel at lashamanessa.com

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