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Share Your Story & Change The World

Published on Dec 8, 2014 on YouTube

According to Dr. Anne Hallward, “Shame is at the intersection of individual psychology healing and social change.” By sharing our own stories (those that we keep hidden out of a sense of shame), we not only experience healing, we can help others heal. As our healing experiences connect with those of others in our community, we become a powerful force that can act as a catalyst to improve our society.

You are beautiful. Your story is important. Please share it with us. It is my hope that all of the stories shared on this website will inspire others along their journey.

Dr. Anne Hallward is a practicing psychiatrist and the host of Safe Space Radio
in Portland, Maine. She trained and taught at Harvard Medical School and worked with a team of other talented professionals to design new classes on death and dying, human sexuality, cultural competence and psychiatric interviewing.

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